Your Vintage Pyrex Is Actually Worth A Lot

That vintage Pyrex dish you have sitting in your cupboard or attic could be worth big bucks.

Whether you invested in this set many moons ago or received it as an heirloom or wedding gift, it’s possible to trade it in for cold hard cash.

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→ How Much Is it Worth?

The price for each Pyrex dish varies based on several factors, including:

  • The Year it Was Made – The More Antique It Is, the Higher the Value
  • The Condition – Good, Bad, or Fair
  • The Design – The Rarer the Pattern, the Pricier it Becomes
  • The Bundle – Is it Sold as a Complete Set?

In order to get a ballpark figure of what your Pyrex dish may be worth, a good starting point would be to browse through top antique shops. You will notice that on auction sites like eBay, for example, the demand for Pyrex for sale is high year-round. Each dish on average is priced from $100 and up – and it can even sell for thousands.


→ The Science Behind the Inflated Rates of Pyrex for Sale

Why is antique Pyrex for sale so popular and pricey? Here are some of the best reasons we can offer:

  • Durability and Limited-Edition Products – Vintage Pyrex has stood the test of time and carry living proof of longevity. The antiques further differ from modern hybrids since the manufacturer switched its main ingredients from borosilicate glass to soda lime glass. 
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The prior formula is still considered a lab-grade glass and is widely considered to be shatterproof. Another appeal with vintage Pyrex for sale is that glass kitchenware is now perceived to be a safer alternative to plastic tupperware, due to health concerns.

  • Nostalgia and Sentimental Value – Many individuals are ready to shell out big bucks for sweet memories. The vintage Pyrex dishes you see on Beckalar are rare and provide a delightful whiff of days gone by when mom or grandma would make a favorite dish, then store or serve it in Pyrex.

The original owners of vintage Pyrex are also less inclined to sell due to sentimental value. This makes it even harder to find. Buyers are therefore willing to pay a premium for this nostalgic experience – and who can blame them?


→ Bringing More to the Table

The Pyrex dishes we sell on Beckalar are uncommon. We do the hard work of scouring the U.S. from coast to coast to bring your crème de la crème designs.


Vintage Pyrex for Sale – for Less

Beckalar sells a buffet of Pyrex products, including nesting mixing bowls, blue glass sets, casserole dishes with lids, and scores more. To order Pyrex for sale, simply head to our online store.


Unlike other stores that sell these items for hundreds, we keep our vintage Pyrex for sale at fair market value. When you shop with us, it’s likely you’ll walk away with a steal.

A good portion of our customers order for resale at bigger auction sites. No matter the reason for buying with us, we make sourcing and budgeting for Pyrex products a breeze.



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