Homeowners who use real estate service agents in Jacksonville have many competitive advantages compared to those who go it alone. The main benefit is getting the home sold faster and for a higher price.

What Real Estate Service Agents Do for Home Sellers

There are, however, specific tasks the real estate service Agents must do to materialize these goals. At the very basic level, real estate professionals in Jacksonville should be completing the following tasks for home sellers:

  1. Covering All the Bases – Motivated agents, like those found at Oceanpointe Realty, don’t just do the bare minimums and hope for a sale. Instead, we take a proactive approach by marketing from all angles and in all channels. This is one of the key differences between Oceanpointe Realty and other real estate agent services in Jacksonville.
  2. Choosing the Right Price Point – A seasoned real estate agent doesn’t pull price points out of thin air. We double-check comparable sales records and market data to come up with a fair price.
  3. Communicating With Sellers – Real estate agents have a duty to keep sellers informed about key updates throughout the sales process. If a potential buyer makes an offer, for example, sellers should know right away.
  4. Checking Buyers’ Qualifications – To avoid wasting valuable time, it’s up to a real estate service provider to verify that probable buyers are preapproved by a credible institution – not just prequalified.
  5. Carrying Out Negotiations – It’s very rare for a home for sale to close at the original listing price. Real estate agent service, therefore, serve as middlemen for negotiating price and other terms and conditions where applicable.

Leveraging Market Expertise


Real estate professionals in Jacksonville are responsible for representing clients with the utmost professionalism and care. These specialists must have a nonstop desire to learn the latest real estate market trends. In doing so, the service agents will have in-depth knowledge of how to leverage the most effective marketing tools – and ultimately sell the home within a shorter timeframe.

Sell the Home Faster
Sell for a Higher Price
Sell Without Hassles

When you decide to use a knowledgeable real estate service agent in Jacksonville, chances are you’ll experience the following benefits:

Get an Advocate in Your Corner


Oceanpointe Realty’s core mission is to meet our clients’ goals and expectations to the best of our abilities. Our real estate professionals in Jacksonville are inspired to reach our fullest potential by completing ongoing education in the industry.

Home sellers in Jacksonville, FL trust us for our experience, know-how, and proven track record of success. We’ve sold more homes in the region than any other real estate agent services in the region.


Free Up Time and Hassles

If you need to sell your home fast and you don’t want to spend too much time or energy to accomplish this goal, the best solution is to turn to a real estate professional in Jacksonville, such as Oceanpointe Realty. To learn more,


call (904) 901-1920

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