Doggie Day Care Dog Kennel Has Many Benefits for Your Pet

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At SuperDog, we liken our dog kennel facility to a top ranking preschool.

SuperDog is a top ranking pet boarding facility with a comprehensive curriculum in place. We focus on training pets of all ages and placing an emphasis on rewarding good behavior.In this article, we’ll explore some of the undeniable benefits of attending our program.


The Benefits of Pet Boarding

As a pet parent, you want the best for your child. A dog kennel can be considered an extra-curriculum activity that helps to shape a well-rounded pet. With further ado, let’s explore the top benefits of day pet boarding:

With further ado, let’s explore the top benefits of day pet boarding:

  • Stimulation – “Idle hands do mischief”, in most cases. That’s one of our mottos here at SuperDog. We aim to provide a stimulating curriculum for our dog kennel boarders. We sneak in training time, exercise time, and much more.
  • Overcome Shyness – Help your pet to become more confident around new faces by enrolling them in our program. We serve up many opportunities to help them socialize with new pets and people.
  • Rest Time – After a full day at our doggie kennel, your pet will be ready for a good night’s rest. At the end of the day, our pet boarding facility helps to keep your schedules in sync. No more staying up all night just to get your undivided attention! This is heaven for our parents…
  • Vacation Mode – Many of our pet parents turn to us when a vacation is on the horizon. Instead of going cold turkey, pet boarding helps your pet to become accustomed to a new caregiver over time. Think about it: if you leave them with us day in and day out, when it comes time for that long awaited vacation, your cares and concerns will melt away.

Should you keep your pet at home alone all day or provide them with an opportunity to learn good manners, socialize, and get some exercise to boot?


SuperDog thinks the answer speaks for itself.

Requirements for Attending our Dog Kennel

To enroll in our pet boarding program, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Immunizations – Just as with a preschool facility, SuperDog requires that all pets are fully vaccinated in order to attend. Ask your vet or pet health care center for a printed proof of Rabies, DHLP, and Bordetella vaccinations.
  • Pets Must be Parasite-Free – To protect the health and safety of our other “schoolers”, we also require that your pet is free of parasites – internally and externally.

To help with acclimation and separation anxiety, we suggest bringing a favorite toy.

We can discuss other requirements during our initial consultations. To keep our pets happy, parents should also note that we pay keen emphasis on ratios.


This means that we will never overboard or place a strain on providers. Everything is set up in an organized way.

It’s Back to School Time for Pets

Sign up for a pet boarding program that is mutually beneficial for pet parents and children. To learn more about our dog boarding school, including the prices and syllabus,


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