The Many Different Dog Boarding Options at SuperDog Center

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SuperDog Center is a go-to place for dog owners in Spring Hill and Tampa, FL. Our services are ideal for all types of situations including:

  1. When You Desperately Need a Vacation → Book Overnight Boarding
  2. When You Feel Guilty About Leaving Your Pet Home Alone All Day → Enroll Them in Doggie Day Care
  3. When Your Pet Needs a Little Bit of Taming and Training → Consult a Certified Dog Trainer

Dog Boarding Service

At SuperDog Center, your pet can seize the day when you’re away. We have set up home-away-from-home for boarders where they are free to roam, play, and let loose (within reason) during their stay with us.

We offer two types of dog boarding services, including:

  • Dog Kennel Boarding – featuring a 6 ft. by 22 ft. run, with easy access to a spacious play yard, where they can exercise, play, or go on a potty break. Your pet will be given their own space to make themselves feel more at home, with no nose-to-nose contact with other boarders. We limit the number of boarders at all times to make sure that enough hands are on deck to provide your pet with personalized attention.
  • In-Home Boarding – Perfect for pets with mild to moderate bouts of separation anxiety, our in-home dog boarding services is a pet parent’s dream come true when an out-of-town trip is needed. We gently ease your pet into getting acquainted with us and assign loyal companions to provide him or her with gentle loving care.

Unlike other pet boarding facilities in Spring Hill or Tampa, which restrict boarders by breed, size, or temperament, we welcome all pets.

In the event your pet exhibits certain “frowned upon” behaviors, SuperDog Center offers many add-on services, including a comprehensive dog board and train program, which is explored in more detail below.


Dog Day Care

Our dog day care services operate in the same way as a baby day care center. We have gentle and loving caregivers available to provide your pet with an enriching day. Perfect for working pet parents, drop off your pet in the morning and pick them up at the close of the business day.


The dog day care service is also ideal for out-of-town visitors who want some time alone to explore the town.


Dog Board and Train Program

In addition to pet boarding and dog daycare services, another area of specialty for us at SuperDog Center is dog training. Our private dog boarding and training program gives pet owners an opportunity to break bad behaviors – for good.


Since they stay with us during the course of the training, we get to know your pet a little better and create a custom plan. For your peace of mind, we provide you with regular updates via email and even record our training sessions for your review.

To learn more about how SuperDog Center can help with care or training, call
(727) 378-5495.


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