Vintage Coffee Mugs for Sale Online

Need a pick-me-up every morning by the name of “coffee”?

Chances are you want to sip this heaven-sent beverage in a mug that fits your style and personality.


There are scores of designs on the market today, but if you want a truly one-of-a-kind mug, try vintage.

Spilling the Beans….Fast Facts on Mugs

A mug is basically a cup with a handle – but you already knew this.

  • This feature (the handle) was intentionally put there to protect the fingers when sipping on hot beverages like coffee and tea.
  • The standard mug holds roughly 12 fl. oz. of liquid, but over the years, manufacturers have branched out to suit the tastes of a diverse consumer base – keep reading to learn more!
  • Mugs are traditionally used for informal get-togethers while teacups were distinguished for formal occasions.
  • In bygone eras (between 4000 to 5000 BCE), mugs were also a thing! This type of drinkware was created from materials like bone, wood, and clay. Today, the majority of mugs for sale are made from ceramics.

How Vintage Coffee Mugs Became a Thing

When coffee beans became popular in Europe, these luxury goods would be prepped in the kitchen. Vintage coffeemakers soon realized the drink would get cold by the time it reached the table. To solve, mugs featuring straight lines were sourced to retain heat for longer stretches of time.


Many of us can relate to this need for piping-hot coffee.

In modern times, mug makers have rolled out a plethora of coffee cups just like the supersized breakfast cup which eliminates the constant need for refills. If these modern marvels aren’t your cup of tea, try vintage and collectible mugs which carry an aura of elegance and sophistication, no matter which way you slice it.


Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – In a Fanciful Vintage Mug

Whether you own a coffee shop or plan events often, vintage and collectible mugs add style and charm to any occasion. Shop on Beckalar today for the best prices on antiques.



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