Why You Should Buy Corelle Products

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Why is Vintage Corelle Dinnerware for Sale So Popular?

Vitrelle is a form of tempered glass manufactured with three layers of really thin glass. Even though World Kitchen retains the same key ingredients that make Corelle durable, chip-resistant, and lightweight, fans often hunt down antiques. The main reason for this vintage appeal is the limited-edition patterns featured on older hybrids.


Vintage Patterns are Limited

When World Kitchen bought and took over production, many of the conventional patterns associated with Corelle were given a modern makeover. Per the World Kitchen, the main reason for ceasing the production of certain patterns is that demand and popularity diminished over time.


How Many Vintage Corelle Patterns Are There?

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Since 1970, more than 2,000 designs have been debuted, according to World Kitchen. There are no specific numbers on the amount of vintage designs out there. However, an extensive list of patterns and their individual names can be found on the official Corelle website

In today’s market, we can all agree that many of the things we once considered “old and outdated” are trendy again.


 Features of Corelle Dishes for Sale

In addition to being light, durable, and chip-resistant, Corelle dinnerware for sale boasts the following features:

  • Corelle Dishes Are Microwave Safe
  • Corelle Meets the Strict Specifications of No-Minimum Leachable Lead (0.100 ppm)
  • Corelle is Manufactured in the USA
  • Corelle is Preferred by Professional and Home Cooks
  • Corelle Designs Are Fade-Resistant Due to the Proprietary Manufacturing Process

Where to Buy Corelle Dinnerware for Sale

Beckalar is a huge fan of Corelle dinnerware. Our customers have asked and we have listened.

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Our team of experts have collected an assortment of Corelle dinnerware and are reselling these for very low prices. Our new customers will easily see that unlike competitors that price gouge due to high demands, Beckalar always keeps our prices fair.


From matching sets of tumblers to dinner plates, complete vintage Corelle dinner sets to large-family size tea cups, grabbing bowls to whimsical cups and more, we carry it all and for less.

About Beckalar

Beckalar is a purveyor of fine home goods, particularly antiques and name brand limited-edition exclusives just like Corelle, Pyrex, Gibson, and Noritake. Think Grandma’s vintage lamp, for example, which is great for elevating your home design. Another elegant idea is to invest in a vintage serveware set for hosting a great party.


Our store is a dream paradise for antique lovers because we find products you wouldn’t typically find at say a thrift store or local antique mall easily.

Instead of sourcing from one or two places alone, we scour the nation from coast-to-coast for truly distinct finds.



Beckalar Is Your Gracious Host

We’re home to the best home goods and we welcome you to come here, stay awhile, and shop our products for a whole lot less.

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