Why Your Dog Can Benefit From Board and Train Program

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We’ve all heard about children exhibiting self-destructive behavior – and those who end up being sent off to disciplinary boarding school. In these programs, manners, respect, and consequences are taught in a gentle but firm manner.

Did you also know that similar programs are replicated for dogs?

Learn Good Behavior

Dog board and training programs in Florida, like the Super Dog Center, are top rated for transforming wild and disruptive behaviors in dogs. Pet parents, understandably, do get frustrated with stubborn pets at times. The tables can turn in your favor, however, by enlisting the help of certified and trusted dog trainers.


Break Bad Habits

At Super Dog Center, we’ve mastered the art of human-dog companionships. Tap into our vast skill sets and knowledge base to enjoy a disciplined pet at home. From housebreaking to obeying commands, taming aggression to teaching respect, we do it all at our dog boarding and training center in Spring Hill, Florida.


Dog Board and Training for Out-of-Towners

Are you the type of parent that can’t fathom leaving Fido behind while vacationing? Keep them close to you – while squeezing in training time. Whether your pet is a just-hatched newborn or a mature nonconformist, we help you do one thing many owners can’t achieve on their own: getting Fido to listen.


Dog Board and Training for Show Dogs

Headstrong pups and dogs aren’t the only ones who benefit from dog board and training. These camps are also great for competition bound dogs. Super Dog focuses on the following when show dogs are enrolled in our program:

Competition judges factor in the temperament of pets during the performance. Let’s show your champion how to adapt a positive attitude.


At Super Dog Center, we believe that practice makes perfect. We help you take home the trophy by emphasizing good posture and impeccable precision.

Team Work
There’s no “I” in team. Get even better scores when you work in sync as a team. At SuperDog Center we will help your dog and you work together.

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Super Dog Center offers so much more. Here’s just a few perks we offer

Lifetime Support
After the training is complete, our dog trainer, Stephanie, is here for you for a lifetime of support.


Specialized Training
At Super Dog Center, we welcome special requests for dog training.

A Loving Home
While your pet boards with us, we make sure they feel at home and cared for by a loving staff.


Get Pets to Listen

Train up a dog in the way it should go with the help of Super Dog Center.

Our dog trainer, Stephanie, is a lifetime canine lover who knows just the right techniques to groom your pet into a sociable and well-mannered pet.


Limited-Time Specials

Take advantage of Super Dog Centers limited-time special. When you sign up today, you receive $10 off our original pricing. To subscribe or learn more about our dog board and training program, call (727) 378- 5495.



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